Meet Bri

I am a coach.

I build. I empathize.

I challenge. I partner.

I see spark and genius. I push.

I laugh. I question.

I try. I innovate.

I fail. I learn. I iterate.

And, together, WE RISE.


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    Like many principals focused on new technology initiatives, I was looking shift the paradigm for teachers. I hit the jackpot when we worked with Brianna Hodges. Bringing Brianna in to work with my staff was the perfect launchpad for a successful school full of change. She laid the groundwork with a rationale, the opportunities that exist and how it all aligned to our Deeper Learning standards. Over two days of hands-on and collaborative professional development, she introduced my fairly large staff of 130 teachers to ed tech tools that increase student engagement, align with assessment goals and create a tech-rich environment WITHOUT sacrificing content and standards. Most importantly, she pushed them to think differently about what they teach and how they teach it. If you are implementing, integrating or just flat out need to reinvigorate your staff ... you need Brianna Hodges!
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    Teachers are people. And that means they struggle with change. Teachers find that which is good and comfortable and dig in, often resisting change. What makes Brianna Hodges exceptional is that she understands teachers. She creates buy-in for change and provides processes to take teachers from good to great. Bri is the first leader in education that I have personally been around who can do that!
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    Brianna's knowledge and experience with curriculum has been a game changer for me, my classroom and my students. She showed me how to start with my standards and use technology to enhance student learning and student voice. Brianna keeps the main thing the main thing: learning, best practices and student achievement are at the center of everything she does and believes in.