Learner. Listener. Leader.


Truth be told, I am many things. 

I believe that every learning experience is amplified by innovation, connection and creativity. And so, I help educators like you connect to the story of your purpose so you can make the greatest impact on your school, your district, your students, and your community. 

Too often I see educators focus on the business of knowing, when, in reality, our business is LEARNING.

Learning is a present, not a past.

It’s a verb, not a noun. 

The goal of education is to acquire information.

The goal of learning is to connect information.

The goal of story is to recognize ourselves within information.


And when we start from there, we change the story. 

Every story begins with an introduction.

As educators, we have one universal goal:


Learning is the product.
Story is the process.
And connection is the necessary catalyst between the two. 

If we want to foster an inclusive and empathetic culture, we do that through story.
If we want to inspire an innovative and dynamic learning environment, we do that through story.
If we want to enable, embolden, and encourage learning at every age and stage, we do that through story.

I’ll help you connect and implement your purpose-filled and purpose-full story to make the greatest positive impact possible. Because when we are connected, well, that’s when the magic happens, right?

Are you ready? Let’s do this together, y’all! 

What People Are Saying…

Brianna is a passionate educator, expert storyteller, and respected thought leader.

Lisa Johnson

Edtech Coach, Austin, TX

Bri is one of a kind. She always keeps the focus on the end goal while challenging students, teachers, and leaders to get there — coaching and supporting them every step of the way.

Thomas C. Murray

Director of Innovation, Future Ready Schools

Bri’s enthusiasm and passion for digital learning is present in everything she takes on. She is a vibrant leader, community builder, and connector.

Dr. Monica Burns

Educator, Class Tech Tips

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