Catalyzing innovative learning and educational leadership through

strategic storytelling

Learning is the product. Story is the process. Connection is the catalyst between the two.

Can you think of someone who has impacted you during your career in education?

What’s that person’s name, and what role did she play in your learning story? What were the trials and triumphs of that story, the actions and outcomes that shifted the way you approach the learning environment?

That story is probably one of many narratives you carry with you that fuels your why, and your why — when shared with others — can inspire change and prompt the connection necessary to sustain it. Strategic storytelling is the single most powerful tool I use to coach and empower educators of all kinds, all over the country.



Bri is one of a kind. She always keeps the focus on the end goal while challenging students, teachers, and leaders to get there — leading, coaching, and supporting every step of the way.

Thomas C. Murray
Director of Innovation 
Future Ready Schools

If you are implementing, integrating, or need to flat-out invigorate your staff, you need Bri.

Dennis M. Williams, JR. 
Hatboro Horsham, PA

Bri is a Google guru and someone I respect and admire in the education space today… She is a model leader, a standout individual, and lights up a room.

Kevin Hodges
Google for Education
Austin, TX

If you want to...

Initiate and manage sustainable change

Amplify existing awesomeness and fortify ongoing positive growth

Build community and engage stakeholders

Foster an inclusive and empathetic culture

Transform and personalize the learning environment

Enliven and embolden professional learning experiences

...then, together, I believe we can use story to get there.

The Goal of 

is to acquire information.

The Goal of 

is to connect information.

The Goal of 
is to recognize ourselves within information.


Story has the ability to:

> Command human attention

> Create deeply-felt connection

> Impact memory

> Change brain chemistry

> Compel action

> Direct behavior



Learn how to harness the power of WHY + WHO to tell the stories of your school. Download your interactive guidebook and get started today.

Through Strategic Storytelling, I’ll help you connect and implement your purpose-filled and purpose-full stories to make the greatest impact possible.

That’s the how — the what and the why is up to you.

Brianna Hodges Edutech coach


Write Your Own Adventure

No two stories are exactly the same and neither are two schools. Together, we'll customize a strategy specific to your needs and goals.

Instructional Leadership and COACHING

Workshops and webinars on culture and empathy, communication and equitable approaches, implementation and capacity-building, curriculum and technology integration, transformative teaching and learning, effective and innovative pedagogy and andragogy practices in whole group or small group settings, and other topics that fit your needs.

Strategic Messaging and Storytelling

Strategic planning for the effective implementation of transformative professional learning and instruction, equitable learning environments, successful stakeholder communication, and authentic, heart-led leadership methods.

Effective Implementation of Sustainable Change

Story-driven communication and action planning for connecting with families, teachers, and stakeholders to build confidence and community, assuage fears that often arise amidst change, and solidify a foundation for the success of innovation in action.

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