Leading is no different.

To be the change, we must embrace meaningful change. And to make meaning, we must seek and synthesize feedback. Grab the THREE simple questions that will have you diving deeply into an authentic assessment of your culture and climate, gauging effectiveness of initiatives and efforts, and taking a close and careful look at your stakeholder relationships.


That's how we create and sustain change.

This simple three-step framework is applicable to any effort and provides you with a ready-made action plan to ensure that the changes you’re making are, in fact, making change.

Leading change requires us to make incremental, real-time adjustments to ensure that our work supports the needs of our conditions. Mindfully monitoring experiments and efforts allows us opportunities to consider the roles that agency, choice, and dynamic practice play in sustainable change. When we feel overwhelmed, we can take that collective deep breath, analyze where we are, and figure out what we need to do next to create meaningful change.



Brianna Hodges is committed to helping educators positively transform the story of school. Pulling from her experiences as a marketing & PR executive, English teacher, district and central office administrator, Bri shares how story serves as the foundation of learning, the cornerstone of culture, and the catalyst to transformation.

Having learned, listened, and led in classrooms and central administration since 2009, Bri is widely recognized for her superpower for storytelling, capacity for connection, and commitment to empathy and equity.

Noted for her innovative approach to learning, Bri has received many distinctions including K12 Administrator to Watch (2018) and Texas EdTech of the Year (2017). She serves as national advisor and faculty member for Future Ready Schools®.