4 Keys to Effective Leading & Coaching In Any Environment

Presented by Brianna Hodges & Tom Murray

FETC 2021

4 keys to effective leading and coaching in any environment FETC


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When you know your why, your what has more impact because you are walking in or toward your purpose.

Michael Jr.

What is your vision for learning? Your vision for leading? What about your vision for coaching? How does your practice mirror and model your beliefs?

For leading and coaching to be effective, we must remain hyper-focused on our why.

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The easiest way to predict the future is to create it.

Abraham Lincoln

Are you focusing on the deficiencies and problems in circumstances? Or are you promoting opportunities to leverage strengths, skills, and stories to reframe problems into possibilities? How are you collecting, connecting, and correcting narratives of and for your students, staff, and stakeholders?

For leading and coaching to be effective, we must connect, experience, and humanize learning through story.


The shortest distance between a human being and the truth is story.

Brianna Hodges

How are you extending trust to those you lead? How are you modeling trust to those you lead? Do you demonstrate and, in turn, develop trust with character traits and mannerisms, focusing on people and feelings? Do you see trust aligned with qualitative outcomes and situational evidence, emphasizing skills and competence?  

For leading and coaching to be effective we must establish reciprocal trust and examine every action with empathy. 


Ensuring equity isn't about checking a box. It's about analyzing the need, developing the plan, and getting the work done to provide each learner with access and opportunities. When we avoid addressing equity-related issues, we add to the unwanted patterns of the past. 

Tom Murray and Ken Shelton

In what ways are you ensuring that personal and social circumstances are not limiting or exclusionary factors for students? What is the standard of education (experience and opportunity) shared by all students in your school?

For leading and coaching to be effective, equity must be a non-negotiable.

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– Brianna Hodges



Brianna Hodges is committed to helping educators positively transform the story of school. Pulling from her experiences as a marketing & PR executive, English teacher, district and central office administrator, Bri shares how story serves as the foundation of learning, the cornerstone of culture, and the catalyst to transformation.

Having learned, listened, and led in classrooms and central administration since 2009, Bri is widely recognized for her superpowers of storytelling and communication, her capacity for connection, and her commitment to empathy and equity.

Noted for her innovative approach to learning, Bri has received many distinctions including US K12 Administrator to Watch (2018) and Texas EdTech of the Year (2017). She serves as national advisor and faculty member for Future Ready Schools®.