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Story has the ability to command human attention, direct behavior, impact memory, and create deeply felt connection — the kind capable of compelling action.

We start by clarifying your identity to help you better understand and articulate to others who you are and why you do what you do.

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When you share your own story — with the school board, students, caregivers, community, press, stakeholders — your audience has the option to connect and invest in the storyline, or disengage and move on.

We then uncover and employ the most compelling parts of your narrative and the characters with whom you share it.

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Story is the vehicle that travels through the brain in order to reach the heart; and when it does, it’s far more likely to prompt action.

To amplify the way you share your story, we will define what type of archetype will help driving meaning and strategies behind your message. 



Brianna Hodges is committed to helping educators positively transform the story of school. Pulling from her experiences as a marketing & PR executive, English teacher, district and central office administrator, Bri shares how story serves as the foundation of learning, the cornerstone of culture, and the catalyst to transformation.

Having learned, listened, and led in classrooms and central administration since 2009, Bri is widely recognized for her superpower for storytelling, capacity for connection, and commitment to empathy and equity.

Noted for her innovative approach to learning, Bri has received many distinctions including K12 Administrator to Watch (2018) and Texas EdTech of the Year (2017). She serves as national advisor and faculty member for Future Ready Schools©.

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