how can we regain resiliency & Strengthen our support structures?

The secret is in the stories.

The stories we share. The stories we experience.

The stories we hope to create.

Just like learning, stories are a deeply social construct. Often more about the teller than the topic, stories help provide us with context and compassion. While we're all made of stories, it takes skill to learn which stories work in what situations and how our listeners might hear them.

The secret to telling a good story is understanding those who need to hear it. With my Essentials to Empathy guide, you'll tap into extraordinary insight, deepen stakeholder relations, and even predict and prevent some of education's most perilous problems.


That's how we create and sustain change.

The Essentials of Empathy guide contains several prompts and considerations designed to help you understand the
attitudes and experiences of your stakeholders.

Empathy—as you well know—is the capacity to
deeply understand the experiences and
perspectives of others. More than simply ‘putting
ourselves in the shoes of another,’ empathy
impacts our cognition and chemistry, ultimately
offering us insight upon which we can choose to
act. It opens opportunities to deepen personal
connections, extend ourselves altruistically,
resolve conflict, alter behavior, and even shift



Brianna Hodges is committed to helping educators positively transform the story of school. Pulling from her experiences as a marketing & PR executive, English teacher, district and central office administrator, Bri shares how story serves as the foundation of learning, the cornerstone of culture, and the catalyst to transformation.

Having learned, listened, and led in classrooms and central administration since 2009, Bri is widely recognized for her superpower for storytelling, capacity for connection, and commitment to empathy and equity.

Noted for her innovative approach to learning, Bri has received many distinctions including K12 Administrator to Watch (2018) and Texas EdTech of the Year (2017). She serves as national advisor and faculty member for Future Ready Schools®.