Let's Work Together

Leading instructional change can be isolating work. Let’s connect and design a customized plan specifically to meet your needs. 

What does this look like in action?

On-site professional learning:

  • workshops for staff on topics related to instructional coaching, curriculum and technology integration, implementation and capacity-building, transformative teaching and learning, pedagogy and andragogy practices, and effective communication in whole group or small group settings
  • one-on-one coaching 
  • strategic planning with leadership to review current initiatives and plan for future implementation and integration.

Virtually or with a hybrid model:

  • customized webinars
  • one-on-one video coaching for school leaders, instructional coaches, and classroom teachers
  • email support and document/material review

Story, as it turns out, is crucial to our evolution —more so than opposable thumbs.

Opposable thumbs let us hold on;

story tells us what to hang on to.

– Lisa Cron

I’m committed to helping educators embrace their WHY stories to envision the power that comes when they implement their WHAT & HOW stories.  

Every story begins with an introduction.









Bri is a Google guru and someone I respect and admire in the Education space today. Bri is talented and incredibly insightful, sensitive, and deeply aware of the pressure points of the learning environment, taking care to examine each angle to keep things focused on what kids need most. She is driven beyond her years and has a limitless love for helping learners of all ages — students and adults. Throughout the years, Bri has been an active voice in our discussions at Google. Her caring nature and personality allow her to work well with others in any team setting (which we happen to love at Google); she is a model leader, a standout individual, and lights up a room. I’m incredibly blessed to call her my friend.

–Kevin Hodges, Google for Education, Austin TX

Teachers are people. And that means they struggle with change. Teachers find that which is good and comfortable and dig in, often resisting change. What makes Brianna Hodges exceptional is that she understands teachers. She creates buy-in for change and provides processes to take teachers from good to great. Bri is the first leader in education I have been around who can do that!

— Neely Carter; educator, Grapevine-Colleyville TX

Brianna’s knowledge and experience with curriculum have been a game-changer for me, my classroom, and my students. She showed me how to start with my standards and use technology to enhance student learning and student voice. Bri keeps the main thing, the main thing. Learning, best practices & growth are at the center of everything she does and believes in.

— Amanda Gilchrist, educator, Stephenville TX

Brianna worked with our district to help build a collaborative culture between our edtechs and instructional coaches. She was instrumental in setting our instructional leaders on a path of reflection, keeping a strong focus on transforming instructional practices through the purposeful integration of technology to better meet the rigor of our guaranteed and viable curriculum. Her facilitation style is open and non-threatening, making sure every learner in the room feels supported — and, even still, she found ways to challenge mindsets. We were thrilled with her support!

— Elizabeth Jacome, Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction – Elementary, Rio Rancho NM

Bri is a bright light amid the quickly changing learning landscape! She is a consistently positive presence, inspiring educational leadership, coaches, and change agents across the country. She never forgets (nor does she let any of the rest of us) that while students are at the center of all that we do, we must model those same beliefs and courtesies with our teachers, our administrators, and our community.

— Todd Wesley, Chief Technology Officer, Lakota OH

Like many principals focused on new technology initiatives, I was looking to shift the paradigm for teachers. I hit the jackpot with Brianna Hodges. Bringing in Bri to work with my staff was the perfect launchpad for actualizing successful change in our school. She laid the groundwork with rationale and research, pointed to the opportunities that exist, and aligned them to our Deeper Learning standards. Through two days of hands-on and collaborative professional development, she introduced my staff of 130 high school teachers to edtech tools that increase student engagement, align with assessment goals, and create a tech-rich environment WITHOUT sacrificing content and standards. And even more than that — she pushed them to think differently about what they teach and how they teach it. If you are implementing, integrating, or need to flat-out invigorate your staff, you need Bri.

— Dennis M. Williams, Jr.; principal, Hatboro Horsham PA

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