Hey y'all I'm 

My passion for learning is something I was born with and raised to embrace. Our family standards include:

> Fostering Curiosity — “Why?” seems to be the first response in every family conversation.

> Engaging Connection — We’re big-time community builders. 

> Sharing Perspectives — We love to eat, cuss-n-discuss, and tell tall tales.

Even those who didn’t make a career in education taught in their respective ways and industries as mentors and leaders. In fact, I didn’t start out in the classroom myself, either.

You see, just like you, I am many things.

I’ve been known as a(n) education and innovation consultant, national keynote speaker, Future Ready Instructional Coach™, edtech leader, change management specialist, Director of Digital Learning, Experience, and Engagement, marketing and public relations strategist, classroom teacher, sports coach, learner, listener, and mom.

But Really, I'm a 
Strategic Storyteller

That’s my superpower, and that’s the fundamental approach I share with every individual and team I get to work with. See, I’m a big believer and proponent of UbD (Wiggins & McTighe). Designing with the end in mind isn’t just for the classroom! Canned curriculum never worked for me as a teacher, and off-the-shelf sessions fall flat for me as a speaker.

The trick isn’t just having a story to tell — after all, we’re all made of story. It’s knowing which story to tell where, when, how, and to whom.


That’s Strategic Storytelling.

My mission as Strategic Storyteller is to understand your goals, identify and empathize with your heartaches and hopes, then create and deliver an outcome-driven experience designed for you, in resonance with you.

With stories,
we find and form

With stories, we acknowledge, empower, and amplify diverse voices and inclusive

With stories, 
we learn, we grow,
we lead

I’ve stood in front of countless leaders, learners, and legislators, championing change, curiosity, and connection across the country. I’ve even snuck in a story or two internationally. I’ve done everything from 15-minute fireside chats and podcast features, to full-house keynote speeches and multi-day retreats and webinars.

I love them all for exactly what they are: DIFFERENT! And that’s how I approach each individual and group I work with.

It's about helping

Like You 

I help educators like you connect to the story of your purpose so you can creatively innovate ways to make reverberating impacts on your school, district, students, and community.

Every story
begins with an introduction — let’s connect today!